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  • Get ideas for long-tail keywords from Head Terms With Long Tail Pro,

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  • Get ideas for long-tail keywords from Head Terms With Long Tail Pro,

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Get ideas for long-tail keywords from Head Terms With Long Tail Pro,


Get ideas for long-tail keywords from Head Terms

With Long Tail Pro, a single seed keyword is enough to get up to 400 long tail keywords within seconds.


Find long-tail keywords with one
Rank higher in Google Take your business to the next level by improving your SEO strategy.

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If your goal is to get your website to rank well on Google, there are a few things you need to understand.

Target keywords with low competition

There are some really good buy keywords that have little competition.

We let you know through our top-rated KC score which of them are worth your time. The lower the KC, the better the keyword.

Long Tail Pro even analyzes your website to give you a KC range so you know which keywords your website has the best chance of ranking for.


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Understand your competition

If you don't know the strengths of your competitor's websites, you can't tell if they're worth beating them.

Our KC score (Keyword Competitiveness) shows you which keywords are best for ranking.

You can add content using these keywords first to get some of your website pages to the top of search engines.

In addition, you can use our competitor keyword suggestions to get keyword ideas from your direct competitors. See where they are investing the most time.

Understand Your Audience What good is a low competition keyword if no one is interested in buying your product or service.

This is why it is so important to know the proposed bid and monthly search volume.

With Google Keyword Planner showing fewer and fewer of these metrics, it's important to have a trusted source to get the information you need. You need to know the right targeted keywords that will hit your money and search volume goals.

Understanding How To Rank One of the scariest things about SEO is that it takes a few months to show results.

Hence, it's hard to be sure that what you're doing is actually working.

For this reason, we have included Long Tail University in the mix for this exclusive offer.

Long Tail University is a course that takes you step-by-step through every stage of growing your website - from keyword research to search engine ranking.

No matter what type of online business you have or are looking to build; Niche sites, authority blogs, or a product store (like Long Tail Pro) ... Long Tail University will give you the content strategies you need.

Long Tail University typically costs $ 397, but right now we are offering it completely free with Long Tail Pro.

Everything you need to drive organic traffic to your website

Find the best keywords for your website with Long Tail Pro.

Learn how to turn keywords into rankings with Long Tail University.

Track search engine rankings for free with Long Tail Pro's Rank Tracker.

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